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The Charter Flight Switch: Why More People Are Picking Charter Flights Over Commercial Airline Options

With the airline industry transforming to accommodate more modern needs, surprising candidates are experiencing a newfound wind beneath their wings. For those researching different travel options, charter flights boast a few unexpected and unknown benefits. By 2007, the amount of charter planes in Canada had more than doubled in just a few years. Then, in 2013, private airports reported that charter travel increased by 30%—with that growth projected to continue in the future. So what's the reason for the shift? The following information will illustrate some of the conveniences and advantages of charter flights from your area—as well as the reasons that more and more people are utilizing charter options in the first place.

What's Behind The Charter Flight Switch?

  • Lighter Wings Private jets usually account for the majority of charter flights. As a result of their lighter weight restrictions, fuel costs are less expensive. Their smaller size also allows them to utilize general aviation airports, providing more convenient options for more direct and inexpensive routes to more rural—and sometimes inaccessible—locations.
  • Reaching The Forgotten Abodes As some airlines reconfigure their business, certain airlines that aren't performing well in smaller communities may elect to withdraw their services from smaller airports. It's at this point that charter services may be one of the only ways to get to these smaller destinations.
  • Social Media Booking Charter flights used to be more expensive because the entire aircraft needed to be reserved—regardless of the amount of passengers. With the advent of social media, charter companies now offer discounts on tickets for those passengers who help fill the remaining seats for their flight. Social media can become invaluable in finding travelers in-need. For every additional seat booked, the price of the one who booked the flight goes down for you and the additional passengers. In some cases, the flight may even end up being free if the entire plane can be filled. Encouraging this type of social outreach is a win-win for the charter company. By booking more passengers, the company is able to put more money toward the total gas it would take for the flight. Charter companies are often more transparent about ticket prices and are able to pass more in-the-moment savings on to help reduce the price of tickets for their customers.
  • Last Minute Deals When social media doesn't work for charter companies, they turn to different websites to help them fill the remaining seats. This tactic isn't uncommon among commercial airliners, but it's a relatively new approach for charter flights. By scanning and comparing different rates, many same-day or last minute deals could prove to be comparable to business or coach prices. Because charter flights don't have the same restrictions as commercial airlines, the absence of advance-purchase or minimum- and maximum-stay requirements can provide more diverse discount options.
  • More Privacy Depending on the size of the plane, and the amount of seats booked, charter flights offer more privacy than a standard commercial flight—which also means a lot less interruption. Reserving a section of the plane could allow important business meetings to take place—or more hours of important shut-eye before you reach your destination.
  • Helpful Luxury Along with the availability of tailored destinations, charter flights are often able to retrofit their planes with reasonable requests for different food, and specific multimedia needs for your business or entertainment needs. Because the planes have fewer passengers to worry about, there is more undivided communication that will exist between you, the flight attendants, and the pilots. There is also the added benefit of the extra space for luggage, comfortably stretching out, and additional workspace to catch up on any important work.