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5 Semi-Truck Features Ideal For Travel Bloggers

Many truckers who travel across the country like to capture their experience through an online blog that is shared across the internet. These blogs are great for featuring rest stops, trucker stories, and landmarks along the way. If you have a trucking blog or plan on starting one, then there are five features you can look for in a heavy truck that you purchase. These features will make it easier to blog and capture your trucking experience for the masses.

Center Consoles

The center console on a semi-truck is great for storing items, and features a lot of extra space. When you purchase a semi-truck, a larger center console can be used to hold a number of blogging tools. For example, if your blog features a lot of images, then the center console is a great place to store your camera and extra accessories like lenses. The console can also store additional items like a voice recorder or notepad to jot down blogging details.

GPS Tracking Devices

Capture all of your travels by having a semi-truck with a GPS tracking device installed. These devices have the ability to map out every trip that you take. By connecting and downloading the data, you can use this tracking to show your route and trip through a blog. The visual maps can give blog readers a better perspective of where you have traveled and it allows you to highlight different cities and stops along the way.

The maps are a great way for other people to take the same trip and recreate the experiences that you had. For example, if you saw a beautiful rock formation or mountain, you can highlight it on your GPS tracking map so blog readers can find the same location. It's also a great way for family and friends to follow your trucking adventures and know where you are on the journey.


A lot of sleeper cabs can be purchased with areas that can convert into small workstations. Beds can often be converted into a small booth with a flip down table-top. This allows you to set up your laptop or other computer equipment for blogging. Instead of feeling cramped in the driver's seat, you have room to relax, spread out and use the workstation to type your blog. When it's time to go to sleep or drive, the table-top can easily flip up and lock into place.

Expanded Window Options

Work comfortably on your blog by looking for a sleeper cab with expanded window options. A sky roof window offers great natural light during the day. The extra windows can make it easier to take images inside the truck and are also great for capturing any video blog messages that you decide to record. The natural light will help eliminate any harsh shadows on your blog posts and save on battery power by not needing as many interior lights on.

Phone Line Connections

Make it easy to connect online and update your blog through telephone jacks that are built into the semi-truck. This allows you to convert your connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot and easily connect online wherever you are in the country. You can enjoy high Internet speed as you upload photos, type in the blog, and make any other updates that you need. By having a stable Internet connection, you do not have to worry about losing data or not properly updating your blog. Some trucks may also have Wi-Fi antennas that help you connect to free signals around the country. The free connections can help you save money and connect to your blog on a daily basis.

Work with a truck dealer like London Gerry's Truck Centre to find a majority of these features in a truck that you love. It will enhance your trucking experience and make it easier to blog on a daily basis.