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Hire A Valet Service For Your Backyard Wedding

When you decide that your upcoming wedding will take place in the backyard of a family member's home, you'll need to figure out a number of logistics related to the location. For example, if the size of the crowd will be significant, you may need to rent some portable toilets to avoid lineups at the home's bathrooms. Another thing to think about is parking — the driveway won't have space for all of the attendees' vehicles, and you don't want people fussing over finding parking elsewhere in the neighborhood. What you might not know is that you can hire a valet service for this event. Here are some things to know.

How It Works

When you hire a valet service to visit your location, multiple parking professionals will station themselves in a specified area, such as at the end of your driveway. As guests arrive, they can climb out of the vehicles, turn the keys over to a valet, and walk up the driveway to join the wedding. At the same time, the valet will take the vehicle to a predetermined location and park it. If street parking is available in the neighborhood, the valet may use this area. If not, the valet team will identify another suitable location that can accommodate several vehicles.

Valets Vs. Attendees

One of the benefits of hiring a valet service for your backyard wedding is that the valet to attendee ratio will be suitable. One or two valets obviously couldn't handle parking for 50 guests, so you'll need to provide the number of guests who will be in attendance when you book the valet service. This way, the valet service will know how many valets to assign to your event. Having enough valets will ensure that your guests aren't kept waiting.

Payment Considerations

Although you can have each of your guests pay for the valet service upon receiving their vehicles back at the end of the event, it's worthwhile to consider taking care of this expense yourself. Just as an open bar is a nice gesture for your guests, picking up the total valet bill after the event will make your guests feel welcome. Additionally, this scenario also saves the hassle of people making sure that they're carrying cash to pay the valet fee. You may wish to include in your invitations or wedding website that valet parking will be available and is complimentary, but that guests are welcome to tip for exemplary service.

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