transportation to the airport for a flight

Don't Sabotage Your First Business Trip! Mistakes to Avoid

You may be excited to go on your first business trip and feel confident about your travel arrangements. However, because you're not used to the experience at all, you may not realize that you may be causing trouble for yourself which could lead to delays, confusion and stress. Avoid sabotaging your business trips by ensuring that you're aware of mistakes like those below.

Driving to Your Local Airport

You might imagine you'll just swing over to the airport with your car and leave it in the lot, but that can lead to parking costs and maybe even theft. Not only that, but traffic and butterflies inside your stomach about the trip can cause you to miss the proper turnoff for your airline, only making you more nervous. Give yourself a break and hire an airport shuttle service to get you to your gate. You can use sites like You'll have time for a deep breath and to ensure you've got everything you need.

Not Knowing the Exact Hotel Address

You may have a vague idea of the name of your hotel in your head, particularly if you're staying at one of the major chains. If you don't know anything about the place you'll be in, however, you might not know that the chain you're staying in has multiple locations in the same town or city. This can mean you end up in at least one wrong place before you find the right one, and you may be perplexed about why you need to go elsewhere. Be absolutely certain that you've saved the street and number of the correct place before you get on the plane.

Not Expecting Plane Delays

You might have a perfectly reliable airport shuttle, but the airline may be delayed due to bad weather. While your airport shuttle is likely to expect these kinds of delays, you may be on the plane panicking about whether you'll catch the shuttle or thinking about how you'll be late for an appointment. Talk with your shuttle company beforehand about how delays are handled and ensure that you give yourself more than enough time to get from the plane to anywhere else.

Now you know that the above items can set you up for trouble and what to do to avoid them. Talk with colleagues and all the companies you plan to come into contact with before your tripto get additional guidance that will help on your business trip.