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Four Safety Tips For Traveling Alone

If you have dreams of visiting a certain location, you should not let a lack of companionship keep you from traveling. Many people travel alone--without incident--each year and all over the world. But while traveling alone can be enjoyable, follow some safety tips for extra protection and self-assurance.

Splurge for an airport taxi.

When traveling with a group of friends, it's generally perfectly safe to ride public transportation or even walk a long distance to the airport at all hours of the night. But as a solo traveler, you need to be more careful, especially if you plan on arriving at the airport when it's still dark outside. It's worth it to splurge on an airport taxi from a reputable company. This way, you don't have to worry about watching out for your own safety while also keeping an eye on your suitcases on a crowded bus or subway car. Plus, you can usually save some time by taking a taxi directly to and from the airport rather than creating a multi-leg journey by bus, train, and subway! Companies like Next Point Ride may be able to help meet your needs in this area.

Trust your instincts.

If a certain place or situation does not feel right, don't try to push yourself through it. Trust your instincts, and leave. This applies to your accommodations as well as activities you partake in on your trip. If you arrive at a certain hostel and find that it gives you a creepy vibe, check out and find a safer place to stay. If a park you planned to visit seems to be in a bad section of town, be prepared to change your plans and see something else instead.

Check in with a friend or family member periodically.

Before you leave on your solo travels, give at least one friend or family member a detailed copy of your itinerary. Then, check in with that person at a planned time once a day. This way, if they do not hear from you, they can surmise that something is wrong and can take measures to help you out. If you are going somewhere with limited Internet and phone service, you may need to check in less than once a day -- but let your designated contact person know this in advance.

Surround yourself with other people.

Traveling alone does not have to mean being alone! When you come across friendly groups of strangers who are traveling and staying near you, introduce yourself and spend some time chatting. This way, if you do need assistance during your stay, you will have someone you feel comfortable asking for help.