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3 Tips For Renting Mountain Bikes

Avid cyclists often want the opportunity to enjoy mountain trails from the seat of a bicycle. If you are planning to travel to a mountain resort, packing your own mountain bike may not be feasible. Fortunately, you can take advantage of local rental shops, like Tri-A-Bike Inc, to gain access to a mountain bike while on vacation.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when renting a mountain bike to ensure the experience is a positive one.

1. Make sure you rent a bike that matches your skill level.

In order to ensure that you get the most enjoyment possible out of your trail ride, you want to rent a bicycle that matches your skill level. A mountain bike that is too complicated could serve as a distraction, as you will be paying more attention to working your bike that you will to the scenery surrounding you.

If a mountain bike isn't complex enough, you may not be able to navigate difficult trails if you are an experienced cyclist. Be sure that the bike you rent matches your skill level.

2. Make sure you bring your own pedals and helmet.

Although you may not be able to easily pack a bulky mountain bike when traveling, you can fit your pedals and helmet into your suitcase. Making the choice to bring your own pedals and helmet allows you to ensure a more comfortable ride when renting a mountain bike.

You won't have to worry about working pedals that don't engage as efficiently as you are used to when you bring your own, allowing you to reduce the amount of stress associated with riding a rented bike. Bringing your own helmet along ensures that you will have access to a helmet that fits properly and is comfortable, allowing you to find greater enjoyment on your trail ride.

3. Make sure you are provided with a repair kit.

Since you have no way of knowing when a rented mountain bike was last serviced, it can be beneficial to have a repair kit available on your ride. The rental shop should provide you with a repair kit that includes a small pump, a spare tube in case you get a flat tire, and tire levers.

These pieces of equipment will prove invaluable in helping you avoid becoming stranded in unfamiliar territory.

Renting a mountain bike allows you to enjoy mountain trails far away from home without having to worry about packing a bulky bike. Make the most of your next vacation by ensuring your bike rental consists of a cycle that matches your skill level and a repair kit, and bring your own helmet and pedals for maximum comfort.