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Plan A Surprise Proposal That Is Intriguing And Memorable

If you would like to propose to your significant other at their favorite outdoor locale and plan on surprising them leading up to the event, the following tips will assist with preparing an intriguing and memorable experience for them.

Provide A Small Gift With A Cryptic Clue

If possible, plan to propose to your loved one on their birthday or the anniversary that the two of you met so that they won't be shocked by the extra attention that they are receiving. Purchase a small gift, such as a piece of jewelry, clothing item, or new fragrance and wrap it in a box. Enclose a card with the gift that subtly suggests that a surprise will be headed your significant other's way.

Hire A Chauffeur And Request Special Music And Beverages

Make preparations to have a chauffeur arrive at your partner's home with a limo rental. Prior to the driver's arrival, prompt your loved one to get ready so that they will be well-prepared for the excursion and won't need to make the driver wait upon their arrival. When hiring a driver, request that they play a list of songs that your loved one enjoys while riding in the vehicle. Order a bottle of champagne or another beverage that your partner likes and pour each of you a glass to enjoy once seated in the limousine. 

Prepare An Outdoor Picnic And Pop The Question

In advance, prepare food items, beverages, and dinnerware that can be shared during a romantic picnic and pack the items in a basket. Be sure to include blankets, pillows, flashlights, and any other items that you think you may need while spending time outdoors with your loved one. The basket can be discreetly placed inside of the limousine's trunk before entering the vehicle. If you purchased a ring to offer to your partner during the proposal, place the jewelry inside of a box and conceal it in your pocket or a small bag.

Once the limousine driver drops you off at the outdoor venue, lead your loved one to a secluded area and set up the blanket and pillows before laying the spread of food across the covering. Look intently in your loved one's eyes and profess your love to them while you ask them if they would like to spend the rest of their life with you. After the proposal, enjoy the meal that was prepared and each other's company.