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Planning A Special Birthday Surprise For Your Partner

Is your partners birthday coming up and you want to make it special? You can choose to invite a lot of people to a surprise party, or you can opt for something that is more intimate and secluded. If your partner isn't into being around large crowds, keeping the surprise private is likely the best option. There are simple things that you can plan and make them unique so your partner will feel special. Consider the tips below to plan the perfect birthday surprise for your partner.

Take Your Partner on a Shopping Spree

You should begin your partners special day by taking him or her to purchase an outfit to wear. After he or she is dressed in the new outfit, plan to take him or her on a shopping spree for more clothing and accessories. Take photographs as he or she tries on different outfits in the stores so they can be kept as memories. However, don't just include clothing stores on the shopping spree, as there are numerous other things that your partner might enjoy as well. For instance, if your partner is into designing his or her own clothing, include going to a fabric store in the shopping spree.

Cook a Meal Even if You Don't Know How

Your spouse will be really surprised if you cook a meal, especially if it isn't something that you normally do. It is actually possible to prepare a great meal if you have at least some of the minimal cooking skills. Simply order a meal from a company that can send you all of the ingredients for a variety of meals. You would then only have to follow the directions for preparing and cooking the ingredients. Purchasing a cookbook and buying ingredients on your own is another option that should be considered.

Rent a Limo for a Few Hours to Get Around

Rather than using your own vehicle as transportation on your partners special day, opt for a limo rental instead. Taking your partner for a ride in the limo as he or she is shopping will make the experience more exciting. If you decide to cook a meal, you can also plan to eat it in a special location and travel in the limo to get there. Ask the limo company if they can put champagne or other beverages in the vehicle in advance. Keep in mind that most limo companies are willing to rent the vehicles on an hourly basis. 

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