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Renting A Party Bus: 4 Details To Not Overlook

When renting a party bus for an event, you'll likely ask a few questions to make sure you are getting the services you want. However, there may be some details that get overlooked in the planning process. To help ensure you don't forget anything, here are some details to consider as you plan your party bus rental.

1. Decorations

Whether you are using the party bus for a bachelorette party or prom night, adding decorations can be one way to make the night even more exciting. Some party bus rental companies work with specific vendors and can have the bus decorated for you in advance, while others may simply allow you to decorate yourself. Ask about which decorations are allowed and how to coordinate with vendors to make sure everything is in place before the event.

2. Refreshments

You'll want to know which types of refreshments are included in your party rental package. For groups of people under the age of 21, the rental company may provide bottled water and light snacks. Groups over the legal drinking age may be able to have an alcohol package included in the bus rental. However, you may want to think beyond drinks when you plan your event transportation. 

For a long night of barhopping, consider coordinating a stop for dinner or bringing food onto the bus. Some rental companies may require an added deposit or fee if you plan to bring in food, while others can help you coordinate catering or food delivery.

3. Waiting Time

It's important to know whether or not the driver will wait at your event location. Some rental companies will have the driver bring the bus back after dropping you off, while others will require the driver to wait for you and your party to leave the event. 

You may prefer to have the bus wait in case you and your group change plans or decide to leave early, but you'll want to know what the charge is for waiting. Typically, if you are planning to make several stops throughout the night, the driver will wait to take you to the next location.

4. Event Packages

Some party bus companies offer pre-arranged packages that take some of the guesswork out of planning your night. Ask about these options, which might include wedding party plans, birthday specials, and prom night packages. You may find that it's easier to select one package than trying to plan everything a la carte.

Talk to the other people in your group before arranging your party bus rental so you can all agree on the route, stops, and onboard entertainment you want for your event.