transportation to the airport for a flight

Free (Or Almost Free) Airport Transportation Options

The biggest headache with flying anywhere is not running through the airport to make your gate on time or squeezing in and out of passenger seats; it is airport transportation. Wherever you land, you need to get to your next stop, and transportation options at an airport can be overwhelming. Entering onto the street where a dozen different transportation options exist and hundreds of passengers are trying to squeeze into whatever is available to get away from the airport and on to their meetings, conventions, conferences, hotels, etc. can be difficult. If you are tired of the constant shuffle and waiting game, here are some free or nearly free transportation options that you will appreciate.

Hotel Coach

Almost every hotel and resort around the country has transportation to and from the airports. If you book your stay well in advance, you can get the location and a reservation for that particular hotel or resort's coach bus. If you do not mind traveling with people heading in the same direction, this is one free option that is worth grabbing—and you like the comfy seats of the coach buses.

Company Cars

If you are traveling for business, request that a company car meet you at the airport for pickup. It costs the company a little money, but it is free to you since you work for them. A lot of companies offer this service, but only if you file the request for the pickup in a timely manner. 

City Buses

City buses can be a little crowded, but the cost to ride is nearly free. Most cities rarely charge more than a couple of dollars, and transfers are free. Just ask the driver about which bus you should transfer to and about where you are headed if you want to get to your destination using this cheap method of public transportation. City buses stop near the airports about every half hour, so if you miss one, the next one will be by shortly. Cash is necessary unless you get a bus pass from a driver or station. 


Subways, for the cost of a card or token, are equally as cheap to ride as city buses. You may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but cities with subways are able to take you closer to your destination even faster than a bus. If the city in which you land has a subway system, find the nearest entry and navigate from there. The station's monitor will help you.