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Safely Moving Your Boat Over Land

Owning a large boat can come with some special challenges. If you need to move that boat from a location to a marina or storage center, you may need to hire a company that can move it for you. Often there are things that need to happen when moving a very large vessel that is important and if the move is not made carefully, damage can occur to the boat.

Permits for your Move

Anytime a very large load needs moving over a public road or highway, there are permits you need and arrangments that need making. Moving a large boat is no different. The boat is considered a large load on the trailer and if it is so large that a street needs shutdown or the move is going to affect traffic, you are more than likely going to have to have permits in all the jurisdictions you pass through. 

Hiring a Boat Mover

If you have a large vessel to move, hiring a boat hauling company to make the move for you is a good option. The company will often provide the trailer and equipment for the move and they have insurance that will cover accidents that could occur along the way. 

Working with professional boat movers also means they will plan the move, taking the stress of the logistics off you. The company will also have the resources to get permits, provide escort vehicles, and coordinate things like moving or lifting overhead wires for the boat to pass under where required. 

Planning the Route

The boat moving company will plan the route to use when moving your boat, so working with them to ensure it arrives safely at its new home is important. The route may no be a straight shot to the marina, but depending on the size of the boat and the locations it is leaving and arriving at, the best route may involve going around some areas. 

If the movers can take the boat around a small town or even a busy city, it may save time, even though the route may be longer. There may also be obstacles to avoid like overpasses or bridges that are not strong enough to support the weight of the boat and the trailer. 

If you have a concern with the route the company has chosen, talk with the foreman coordinating the move and they will answer your questions. remember, these are the professionals, so let them handle the move and the stress of it for you.