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3 Benefits Of Using A Transport Permit Service

If you are about to haul a heavy or large load, then you might need an overweight or oversize travel permit. These permits give you permission to travel when your vehicle doesn't meet regulation sizes or weights.

Your trip planning will be easier if you use a permit service. What are the advantages of outsourcing this job?

1. Get Help Understanding Which Permits You Need

Every state has its own overweight/oversize permit rules. While these rules typically follow general federal size guidelines, they can have differences from location to location. States sometimes ask for different qualifying information and set different route measures.

If you are hauling an interstate load, then you might need to fill out a different application for a permit for every state you cross. It's not always easy to understand what you need to do to get the right permits for the whole trip.

If you use a permit service, then they take on this process for you. They understand state rules and, once they know more about your vehicle and load, they will help you get all the permits you need to travel within the law.

2. Speed Up the Permit Process

Making applications for various permits in different states can be time-consuming. You'll have to give each permit department the information they need and then wait for them to issue the permits. If you make a mistake, then your application will be delayed until you correct the error.

A transport permit service speeds up the process for you. They know the requirements for each state, so they can complete applications faster. They won't make mistakes or leave out essential information. They can also use their contacts to facilitate the application process so that you get all the permits you need in the shortest possible time.

3. Get Help With Your Route

You need to take extra care when you make an overweight or oversize trip. Route planning is vital here. You need to know the safest routes to take.

For example, if you are hauling a high load, then you might have problems getting your vehicle under some bridges. You'll need to make detours if access is a problem. However, if you aren't familiar with a route, then you might not know how to do this.

If you use a permit service, then you also usually get route planning assistance. The company will help you set up accessible and safe routes that keep you on the road without unnecessary diversions or delays.

To learn more, contact overweight and oversize permits professionals.