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3 Reasons To Choose A Dual-Axle Utility Trailer

A utility trailer can be used to move a wide range of items. One of the first things that you will need to do after deciding you want to invest in a utility trailer is to determine if you want a single-axle or dual-axle design.

Utility trailers with a dual-axle design tend to cost more than their single-axle counterpart, but the return you will get on your investment can be much higher with a dual-axle trailer.

Maximum Stability

Dual-axle trailers are able to provide you with a better weight distribution system than single-axle trailers. Better weight distribution usually means a significant increase in trailer stability.

The primary reason a dual-axle trailer can offer greater stability is the additional axle found on these models. Having two axles instead of just one creates a more stable suspension system. Your dual-axle utility trailer will be able to maintain stability, no matter how bumpy or curved the roads you travel on may be.

Enhanced Braking

Many drivers worry about how quickly they will be able to bring their utility trailer to a stop. A trailer that only has one axle relies on the brakes of the tow vehicle to slow forward progress. Dual-axle utility trailers offer enhanced braking capabilities thanks to their independent braking system.

These built-in braking systems can be either electric or hydraulic. Having an independent braking system on a utility trailer makes it easier to bring a heavily loaded trailer to a complete stop.

You will find that the brakes on your tow vehicle don't wear out as quickly when you have the built-in braking system of a dual-axle utility trailer to help share the workload.

Increased Tire Safety

The tires on a utility trailer play a critical role in the overall safety of the trailer. Single-axle trailers only have two tires. This means that if one of the tires suddenly blows while you are driving, you could quickly lose control over the trailer and cause an accident.

Dual-axle trailers are equipped with four tires. The additional tires on a dual-axle trailer prevent a single-blown tire from having such a dramatic impact on the movement of the trailer. You will be able to safely pull to the side of the road and make a tire change when you have a dual-axle utility trailer.

Both single-axle and double-axle utility trailers are capable of hauling heavy loads. If you want to maximize safety, braking, and stability, invest in a dual-axle trailer. For more information, reach out to a utility trailer supplier near you.