Practical Birthday Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers

When you're looking for the perfect birthday gift for that CDL truck driver in your family, the options can seem minimal. Sometimes it's hard to determine what's best for a person who spends so much of their time in a confined space like a truck cab. That doesn't mean your options are really as limited as you'd think. If you want a birthday gift that's going to be practical and useful, consider things that will make the driver's life easier. [Read More]

The Charter Flight Switch: Why More People Are Picking Charter Flights Over Commercial Airline Options

With the airline industry transforming to accommodate more modern needs, surprising candidates are experiencing a newfound wind beneath their wings. For those researching different travel options, charter flights boast a few unexpected and unknown benefits. By 2007, the amount of charter planes in Canada had more than doubled in just a few years. Then, in 2013, private airports reported that charter travel increased by 30%—with that growth projected to continue in the future. [Read More]